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Coyote / Harlyn Bay

Coyote have been releasing records for a little while now. We got sent their new album ‘Harlyn Bay’ to review so rather than one of us doing it, I thought it would be good to sit down and play it to my eleven year-old Danny to see what he thought. Current bangers for Danny include N-Dubz and ‘Pretender’ by The Foo Fighters.

‘Pacific Breeze’It’s a good title. (Nods approvingly when track starts). It sounds good but I think by the end of this track I’ll know what the album will sound like. They all seem quite long and it might all be the same thing which I am not so sure I’ll really like. (Nice bass sound comes in). I like that. I like the little sound on the top that sounds like a scratching record thing. I think I would like it more if it was shorter.

‘Wildness’I think this will sound the same as the other one… (Pad starts) I was right. I’d like to listen to this music when I was sleepy. It’s good.

‘Love Handle’ I don’t like the name. (Has no idea what a love handle is). Definitely more lively than the other ones. It’s got more stuff happening and I like the sounds more. They are more interesting. If it was a computer game it would be Electro Plankton.

‘California’I think this one will sound energetic. This is confusing. I don’t know what they are saying. It sounds like someone is playing an alien noise through a funny sound system. I like the drums. They are cool and not bombarding the rest of the song.

‘Boat Trip’This one sounds funny. It’s a bit like a funeral song. It’s the guitar bit. Now it’s more like a song that you would play at the beach on a sunny day. It doesn’t sound like a normal singing voice – it’s been really tampered with.

‘Electric Sunburst’This sounds like a good title. It should be a bit more energetic and lively. (Track starts). It’s not as lively as the title. I really like the whoooo whoooo (phased noise). Everything on this album is backwards. Like I thought Love Handle would be really slow and it was the most energetic track yet.

‘Rootsy Stew’This sounds like an animal one. It sounds like it’s on a farm. Sounds like a very deserted bird sanctuary. ‘Rootsy Steeeew’. ‘Rootsy get back here! – Rootsy stew’. It’s like a farmhouse song. (Sings). I like the bongo bits too. I didn’t think this would be a favourite but it’s one of my favourites so far and I didn’t think it would be. See – everything is the opposite.

‘The Beach’I like the little kiddie speaking at the beginning. All the tracks are a bit too long for me really. Even an old man – really, really old man that never get’s bored of anything – he might get bored of it. I really like this one. This is cool and fun. The end bit was good then.

‘Poyote Sunset’They basically have one name and they have changed it (Electric Sunburst to Poyote Sunset). I don’t really like this one so much.

‘Live This Life’I like this one. This one rules. It sounds techno-ey. Overally I would give the album seven out of ten. All the songs are good but they are all a little too long and they do a lot of the same thing. I don’t think I would listen to this album too much but I am an eleven year old kid so what do you expect.


So there we go. I think he liked it though I am not sure that sunset sounds are really the key to an eleven year-olds musical heart. For me it was a very pleasant hour of nice bass lines, spot-on drums and some lovely melodies. You can hear the old dub-style basslines of 1990 and other subtle bits of history in the mix of the album. It’s the sound of two men enjoying their music and dreaming of the golden hours.

‘Harlyn Bay’ is released in June on Is It Balearic Recordings.

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