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Test Pressing

050 / Producers Series #3 / Andrew Weatherall

Number three in our producers series focuses on some of the early work of Andrew Weatherall. There will be a further edition focusing on Weatherall’s early years at a later date as there is too much to cover in one sitting.

So program three – it’s a mix of genres and noises blended together that some how join up and make sense. Funk breaks on indie records that sounded like nothing else at the time. Indie go-go. Weatherall broke down the doors and learnt his way around a studio pretty quickly whilst also being the freshest DJ in town at the time.

Weatherall has always been a magpie. He knows whats good and at this point in his career he was putting it all together in a way that hadn’t been done before. All the grooves, noises and samples that he had catalogued in his mind up to that point being used and spun out in different directions. We should also send a nod out to Hugo Nicholson (the engineer on many of these records) as without a doubt he played a large role in making this music sound the way it does.

Point is this music still sounds amazing twenty years on. My favourites are probably the twisted digital dance of FInitribe and the demented dub of Galliano’s ‘Skunk Funk’ – Weatherall making the track into the record the title intially suggested.

To me this was balearic in London, our London, in a way we understood. It took all the things we were into those summers, from Soul II Soul to Teenage Fanclub (well our mate Colin liked them), and made it all join up in dance records that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on. So ten tracks and, as they like to say, all killer no filler.

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