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Test Pressing

059 / Cosmo / Spring Affair

Spring is here and here’s a mix to sum up the season from DJ Cosmo. Cosmo has, for a long time now, been involved with good good things for the right reasons – from the Loft through to her record label, mixes and productions. Then there’s the record collection to die for.

On the subject of her productions it’s worth noting that Mancuso played her remix of Mavis ‘Revolution’ twice at the Loft on Sunday. That one will be coming out on Bitches Brew on limited 10-inch vinyl with hand printed sleeves and hand stamped labels – artwork courtesy of James Morrison. You can get a taster here. Also, if you have a minute check the Cosmodelica Facebook group. Anyway over to Cosmo to give you a heads up on what this is all about…It has been a long cold winter but alas! London has rays “yellow sunshine” and it is “un dia bonito”. Let’s celebrate a “festival of the sun” by shedding some layers, letting our hair down and shaking our hips. Enjoy this “spring affair”. Cosmo


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