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Test Pressing

069 / The Acid Tree / Love Is Here To Stay

The Acid Tree is a monthly night now into it’s fourth year, that takes place on the first Friday of every month at the very balearic ‘Folk’ in West Didsbury, Manchester and I am happy to welcome them for the first time to Test Pressing.

I have never been but from all accounts the parties are fairly laid back affairs, with minimal promotion, and a focus on the music. Folk will shut up shop for a week in July and all the staff and the extended family of DJs, which includes Phil Mison, Balearic Mike, Jan Hammered, Lexx, Kelvin Andrews and Mudd amongst others, will be heading to Ibiza to party at various venues, day and night, well off the well trodden tourist path to have some fun in the true spirit of the island.

If you’re interested Folk Ibiza takes place between 22nd – 26th July. Get in touch with the chaps for tickets and more information here. On with the program…


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