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Test Pressing

077 / Producers Series #6 / William Orbit

William Orbit is someone both myself and Phil Mison had the pleasure of working with in the mid-90s. William didn’t really know what to do so it was off to Fat Cat (London record store) with a wad of his money and a load of new records were bought. It was an exciting and eclectic time with loads of slow instrumental stuff coming out. 4/4 had been around for a while so this all seemed fresh to jaded ears. One of the record I remember getting was that first Kruder & Dorfmeister twelve with them parodying Simon & Garfunkel on the sleeve. We later got them to mix ‘Million Town’. I also remember having the great pleasure of listening to him record the mournful ‘Adagio For Strings’, (later tranced up) which after eight hours turned into one of the most depressing days of my life.

William was enjoying the studio. Running a mix down, and using a mixing desk, seems to be something that seems to have been lost in these days of automated music but William ran it like crazy. I like to think Adrian Sherwood does the same on a mix. Watching him work that was one of the greatest things I have seen in a studio. Running delays, dropping tracks in and out, and bouncing it all down to decide later which parts to use.

He’s done his thing now producing Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’ but there was a time when William had a habit of making ridiculous music by accident. His mix of ‘Zobi La Mouche’ (borrowed by Oakenfold for his mix of Happy Mondays ‘W.F.L’) was a killer with a hard bottom end whilst ‘Via Caliente’ shows Orbit in full balearic mode. He is, on top of it all, a great musician and guitarist. William Orbit was class. I hope he picks up the acoustic guitar and hits record soon.

Thanks to Dr Rob for compiling a nice broad selection from the acoustic to the tough.

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