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Test Pressing

081 / Cosmic Jane / When I Grow Up

Craig Smith aka Cosmic Jane is originally from Leeds. He works as a Gene Jockey or a Genetic engineer (academic) to most. His influences are the original DIY Punk attitude, 80’s John Peel, mavriks, obsessives and eccentrics everywhere and separate realities.

He has been buying records for the last 35 years. “I adore vinyl and the whole ritual of putting it on is like opening a bottle of fine wine. I love digging too, but its rare I get chances these days. I have met some amazing folk through music, such as Rob Harris in Japan and Adriaan Denorme in Ghent, who share my fever and thirst for beautiful sounds. The internet is wonderful for sharing and my aim when stringing these tracks together is simply to share what I think is nice music. I hope you do too.”

He has edits on Electric Souls and Sixty Five and has a monthly party near his home in Hebden Bridge with Chris Price called What the Freak who’s only policy is to play good music that people enjoy and may dance to. Welcome…


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