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Test Pressing

102 / Joe Hart / Nuit Decadente

One of my mates told me Joe Hart wears a latex glove to handle his rare records. I have a feeling this isn’t true but like to believe it is. I think it’s also true that one of the Stones Throw lot keeps his rarest records in a safety deposit box. This is the world we live in. That of collectors and obsessives.

Joe Hart is one of the chaps behind the underground happenings Body Hammer (described somewhere as a ‘jack party’) and World Unknown. We had a great night dancing down at World Unknown to some music we’d never heard before courtesy of Joe (and partner in crime Andy Blake) so asked for a mix and it’s here. The next World Unknown is on November the 19th and comes highly recommended if you want to go and get into some good electronic sounds in a ‘do what you like’ atmosphere.


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