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Test Pressing

121 / Soft Rocks

Soft Rocks – more to them than meets the eye. Four producers based around the South of England, from Brixton to Brighton, who between them run record dealership Pure Pleasure Music, produce house under the name Roots Unit (new label from them just out and about by the name of Vibrations) and then of course produce their own music through Soft Rocks Recordings and release edits of anything they fancy via Disco Powerplay. P-h-e-w. The ones I have met (well one) seem very on the level so if you need some good people to turn up at your club and play some records and have some fun with put them on the list of possibles. Here’s a mix they did for us. Haven’t got a clue what any of it is (I never do these days) but it builds very nicely into a disco finale. Enjoy.


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