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Test Pressing

Dr Rob's On The Radio!

If I had to stumble across someone on the airwaves late at night talking quietly and playing amazing music then Dr Rob would be him. And he’s actually doing it. Our good doctor is on the radio and I thought a few of you might be interested. He’s been working with the local radio station, FM.Karuizawa 77.5MHz, with the first show going out this Saturday (the 9th) and every Saturday thereafter at 20:00-21:00 (Japanese time).

As you know he’s got fantastic taste in music (especially of a soul, balearic, electronic and disco nature) and will be playing a mixture of old and new music, over a range of genres and tempos. Anything that tickles his fancy. As well as conventional radio, the show will be also be streamed at here and there will be a blog running side-by-side with information on artists, labels and scans of the more interesting record covers. If you get a chance tune in and get involved.

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