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Test Pressing

149 / Jamie Paton / Cage & Aviary / Contort Yourself

Here’s a banger for the weekend. Over to Jamie to tell you what this one is all about. “The mix takes in all sorts over a C90′s worth of running time, including Weatherall putting the Beat between Meat and Manifesto, one of Arthur Russell’s more abstract Funk Popping moments and a quite frankly awesome stratospheric excursion from Gigi Galaxy and his Disco 2000. It sums up a lot of what I’ve been playing this year, quite prototypical and stripped down, tough in places but with the odd musical flourish here and there. There are also a couple of Cage & Aviary productions on there, one from our forthcoming Migration LP which will finally drop in October.” Looking forward to the album. More news on that as it comes.


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