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Test Pressing

Phase 2

So here we go, phase 2 of Test Pressing. It was all getting a bit hard to find anything at the other site so we got the decorators in (thanks so much to Jimmy and David Noncollective!) who have helped to give a cleaner look and a new way to find things.

The posts should now be pretty easy to find your way around. Click ‘Listen’, ‘Read’ etc and it will bring up those posts and to the right of the ‘Latest Entries’, just under the featured post, there is a little button that allows you to make the site a grid which makes it much easier to navigate. Some bits we decided not to bring over in the move, guest tracks and stuff, as they are now defunct or they just looked a bit rubbish in the new format. Anyway, nearly all of it is there and its all pretty simple.

There is also The Feed in the navigation bar. It all got a bit Time Out earlier in the year with loads of club listings but hopefully now you can click there and it’ll be clubs, new releases from labels and other stuff new information.

We should be sorting podcasts next so all the amazing mixes we’ve been given over time can go up there for easy listening wherever you are. We’ll keep you updated on that as and when. Thanks for the continued reading and as ever thanks to Dr Rob (partner in all this) and all the DJs who give us the mixes as it doesn’t go round without them. Onwards.

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