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Test Pressing

Review / KA§PAR / Ode To The Ancients EP

‘Ode To The Ancients’ comes across a little like C2 when he was still only 69. Or a paperclip person. That can only be a compliment. ‘Twin Sparkle’ is late night jam in a Chicago bedroom. Getting severely stoned with Larry Thompson and Rick Lenoir. House Jam on modern drugs. ‘Able To Find’ moves forwards yet backwards in time to US Alliance and when UK Garage got sparser, more interesting. Was that really over 10 years ago? And then to close, Carlos Nilmmns` Glasgow Tangent remix of ‘Able To Find’ again nods to vintage Carl Craig before a quick but very welcome burst of Larry Heard circa Alien. Please forgive my outdated references but I`m getting too old to Techno.

The ‘Ode To The Ancients EP’ is out now on Groovement on heavyweight vinyl and digital.

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