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Test Pressing

170 / Joel Martin - Quiet Village / Velvet Vibrations

Joel Martin is a man of principles and probably one of the most knowledgable people I know in the world of synth-based soundtracks. He’s also part of underground heroes Quiet Village who, as their name suggests, like to slowly get on with things in their own particular way. He’s soon off to Berlin to finish the 3rd instalment of their Maxxi and Zeu project for International Feel. Next up from Joel is a new project with Gerry Rooney from Black Cock where they have created two labels – Lucky Hole and Golden Hole. You can follow/like them at the Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold facebook page for updates and news. We’ve heard two of the new tracks and they are bottom heavy and sleazy as can be. They are also about to remix the new project from Mo Morris and Phil Manzanera (that sounds good already) War Cry. Busy in a quiet way.


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