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Nick The Record / LN-CC Pop-Up Store

One of the best record dealers out there is Nick The Record. Am sure many of you know him and have bought records from him. Long known for selling rare disco, cosmic and loft-style rock records he is hosting a pop-up shop at LN-CC in Dalston until Thursday, after which the chosen stock will go online. We asked for some of his favourites, and the rarest, that are up for sale and here’s what he pulled out.

African Suite ‘African Suite’ (US MCA LP)Nr. Mint – looks unplayed – £30Nick says – “Killer drum & percussion heavy set from RICHIE ROME – deep disco!”

Bob Chance ‘It’s Broken’ (US MORRHYTHM LP)Sealed – £50Nick says – “Amazing left of centre disco & funk lp out of California with ‘It’s Broken’, ‘Jungle Talk’ etc…”

Bravo ‘Touch Me Now’ / ‘Look At Me Baby’ (US LAUNCH 12 inch) £15Nick says – “Great uplifting Italian ‘real’ disco tune.”

Dr. Adolf Ahanotu ‘Odejimjim’ (GHANA MIRABE LP)£50Nick says – “Includes the killer mid-tempo tune ‘Idjere’ which has the same rhythm as ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ and some crazy keys and horn section.”

Giorgio Moroder ‘Foxes’ (US CASABLANCA)2 x LP Promo £15Nick says – “Moody Giorgio soundtrack soundscape genius on the Quiet Village sample ‘Fly Too High’ & ‘Valley Of The Dolls (Slow Version)’. The non-slow version is an uptempo leftfield disco killer whilst ‘Hollywood Dreams’ is a nice mid-tempo instrumental.”

Hott City ‘Ain’t Love Grand’ (US BUTTERFLY LP) White Vinyl – £12Nick says – “Includes the killer dreamy disco tune ‘Feelin’ Love’ – amazing production and thumps like a house record.”

Randy Burns ‘Song For An Uncertain Lady’ (US ESP-DISK LP) Sealed with cut out – £15Nick says – “Bargain price as I found a few copies in a dirty basement. They may need a quick clean once opened. Wonderful gentle folky stuff on ‘Child For Now’, ‘Randy’s Song’ and ‘Maybelline’.”

West Phillips ‘(I’m Just a) Sucker For a Pretty Face’ (US QUALITY 12 inch)Company Sleeve – £12Nick says – “Killer tongue in cheek 1983 boogie sound.”

Octopus ‘Octopus’ (US ESP-DISK LP) Sealed with cut out – £18Nick says – “Great funky psychy jazzy set including ‘U.S Blues’, ‘The War’ & the 16 minute ‘Fruk Juice’. Bargain price as I found a few copies in a dirty basement.”

Walter Murphy ‘Discosymphony’ (US NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL LP)£35Nick says – “Includes “Afternoon Of A Faun’ as sampled by Moodyman on ‘Black Mahogany’.”

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