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Test Pressing 2012 Round-Up

So here we go. We got in touch with some of our friends and asked for their round-up of the year. I feel like I should have a list in here but being honest I haven’t bought many records this year as I’ve been lost in a world of Compass Point records in a project I’ve been slowly working on so doesn’t feel right to just style it out. For me though COS/MES and Tiago have both shown there’s healthy new avenues to explore in our ‘balearic’ world and generally it feels like things are coming round to our way of thinking. Mison’s Originals compilation I wrote the sleeve notes on so am biased but it got played a lot and The Killing Series 2 was edge of the seat TV from Episode 4 onwards. Here’s some picks for the year from our friends…

Release of the year: DJ Abel ‘Aegean Sea’ (Non, Nº.1) Album: Hollie Cook (Mr Bongo)Film: Midnight In ParisRe-discovery: SwimmingLabel: Disques Sin ThommeBook: Philip Roth ‘Nemesis’TV Programme: Game Of ThronesDJ: Lexx/Moonboots

Release(s) of the year: 1. Michael Kiwanuka ‘Tell Me a Tale’  2. DJ Abel ‘Aegean Sea’    3. Torn Sail ‘Birds’Album: John Stammers ‘S/T’ (Wonderful Sound)Compilation : Phil Mison’s Originals (Claremont 56)Film: None. An appalling year for filmRe-discovery: Kiki Dee ‘Chicago’Label: Light in the AtticBook: Rob Young ‘Electric Eden : Unearthing Britain’s Visionary Music’DJ: Nick MasseyRadio : PYE FMTV Programme:  Rubicon/Homeland/The Killing

Release Of The Year: Michael Kiwanuka ‘Tell Me A Tale’ (Thank you Moon)Album Of The Year: Destroyer ‘Kaputt’ (Thank you Escaltor Records)Film: I didn’t get to the cinema once this year (I’m a long way up a mountain), and only watched 5 DVDs (I stopped doing late nights post Tohoku quake): The Wrestler, V for Vendetta, Shutter Island, Outrage and Betty Blue (in French with Japanese subtitles). The first four all moved me (I always find something in pretty much everything I watch or read, which I why I should do more) and I could remember the fifth by heart (Thank you Jo)Re-Discovery: John Martyn ‘Couldn’t Love You More’ (Thank you Timm)Label: Still Claremont (Thank you Paul)Book: I don’t remember reading anything new this year, but the books that are lying on the bedroom floor are Ringelevio, Stone Junction and Wreckers Of Civilisation (re-read backwards `cos I’m still to square to get with that COUM shit)(Thank you Jonny)TV: The kids seem to like The Power Puff Girls, Chowder and Fosters Home. Mojo JoJo`s my favourite (Thank you Makoto, Taikan & Kojin)

Release of the year: Ronny & Renzo ‘Heartbreak Theme (Carl Craig Mix)’Album: Radiohead ‘The King Of Limbs’Film: Talking Heads ‘Chronology’Re-discovery: Grupo Oz ‘New Day’ (Secret Stash)Label: Finders Keepers/SoundwayBook: Michael Lewis ‘Boomerang’ TV Programme: The Middle

Release of the year: Charlie Clemons And The Mighty Power Band ‘The Devil Has Made This Land His Playground (Tom Noble Remix)’ (Superior Elevation)Album: Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx ‘We’re New Here’ (Young Turks)Film: Can’t remember anything being outstandingRe-discovery: Crosby Stills & Nash ‘Just A Song Before I Go’Label: No particular one. All those who put a lot of love in their products.Book: Daniel Ryser ‘Yello’ (Echtzeit)DJs: Gerd Jansen / Jauss & Schoolbell

Release of the year: Torn Sail ‘Birds’Album: Vetiver ‘The Errant Charm’, Almunia ‘New Moon’, Jonathan Wilson ‘Gentle Spirit’, Phil Mison ‘Originals’Film: Hanna, The Kids Are AlrightRe-discovery: Dorothea RaukesLabel: Bella Union, Claremont 56, International Feel, Golf ChannelBook: Own Label: Sainsbury’s Design Studio 1962 – 1977 DJ: Idjut Boys, PsychemagikTV Programme: Breaking Bad

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