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Test Pressing

173 / Steve Kotey / Disco Honest

Haven’t done a mix this year so happy to welcome Steve Kotey to get the ball rolling. I like the way when Steve sent the mix through he’d put the genre as ‘1976 Porno Soundtrack’. If that doesn’t give you a clue where its going we are talking full on sleazy disco.

Steve is pretty busy right now. Firstly, he is working on a new project with Andrew Meecham of Emperor Machine called Grand Corporation. It’s mostly analogue based house music with plenty of Chicago references. Releases coming on the ‘good to see them back’ Classic as well as 2020 vision / Redux. The Classic release has Jeremy Glen on vocals.

Then there’s his Soiree project with Max Essa whose Zim Zim track I played a lot. Cheeky and funny but then with a serious edge apparently the new album has lots of crazy vocal action from Max. Steve says “if “Flight of the Concords” made New Wave, Disco and Krautrock it might sound like this”. It’s coming on Bearfunk in the summer.

He’s then got his My Ambassadors Reception label with some great releases this year with new projects from Loud-E with ‘Loudefied Vol.II’, Albion returning with ‘Mixtura II’ and a new ‘Disco Diva Delights’ compilation.

Finally, more releases from Max Essa and Utopus (ace mix from The Beat Broker on that one) and a new imprint (does he sleep?) with the Utopus crew called Future Nuggets. You can check that here.


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