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Test Pressing

Reviews / PROMO’d / 25/01/2012

SUN ARAW & M. GEDDES GENGRAS MEET THE CONGOS / ICON GIVE THANK / RVNG ITNL. / FRKWYS VOL. 9Innergaze’s Not Not Fun groove, Hype Williams’ post-Aphex melodies, shards of King Sunny Ade Ju Ju guitar. Shattered into Morse. ON-U’s gotta be the obvious reference. ‘Some Bizarre’ or The Missing Brazilians. Bim’s work with the Singers & Players. Sweet vocals dodge bass detonations. Calm, confident footsteps through a minefield. This ain’t Reggae it’s a meditation.RVNG Soundcloud

PAQUA / VISITOR / CLAREMONT 56The music could be Smith & Mudd, but it’s the vocal that sets this tune apart. It’s bugging me, ‘cos it really reminds me of someone. Something. It`s not the Batteau brothers, because they sound like Weller. Or rather Weller sounds like them. A blue-eyed bossa with strong Jazz undertones. Terry Reid`s ‘River’, maybe. This is the sort of essential that Moonboots digs up. The sort of folk that Giles would play. The stuff they call Free Soul here in Japan.Claremont 56 Soundcloud

NUEL / TRANCE MUTATION / FURTHERGentle acoustic loops. Six strings and live percussion from Airto’s suitcase. Tambourines, finger bells, gongs and seashells lapping at a secluded shore. Wary of gathering storm clouds. Or keeping a late night vigil. Lonely or otherwise. This will help will until that elusive Finis Africae LP turns up.Nuel Soundcloud

AIHKI / KARESUANDO / IS IT BALEARIC?Ry Cooder’s ‘Paris, Texas’ soundtrack meets Toto Coelo’s ‘I Eat Cannibals’. The Fleetwood’s ‘Tusk’ in marriage guidance, and with a Halcyon prescription. The Art Of Noise joining in swung it for me. Definitely one for the beach, or dancing in a swimming pool.Aihki Soundcloud

HARDWAY BROS. / MANIA THEME / IS IT BALEARIC?Brand new and as yet unreleased but still inspiring memories. 4E’s ‘Temple Traxx’ at EC1. Hardfloor’s ‘AM Trip’ at Happy Jax. Moments before the end of all that. Too old for breakdowns. Arms tired from years held aloft. The original gurgles along at 100bpm, driven by insistent cowbells nicked from Farley`s remix of The Farm. A 303 just on the edge of that high-end nastiness where the funk becomes delirium. Weatherall dispenses with the breakdown, lets off some fireworks and empties the biscuit tin. This had to be made to be mixed with ‘The Orange Place’. (Also check Toby Tobias deep electronic version which is tidy – Ed).Hardway Bros Soundcloud

FLIGHTS OF FANCY / VOL. 1 / INTERNATIONAL FEEL‘Love’s A Dancer’ is Yes with Toni Esposito & Pino Daniele. Rick Wakeman synths and Italian Jazz veterans attempting to go Pop. Jamming with ‘Spanish Moon’ era Little Feat, and underpinned by an Italo cosmic squelch / Balearic chug. I have a photograph of Lowell George smiling that always makes me cry. Part 1 of ‘Tempo Of The Night’ sounds a little like a remake of E.J. Robinson`s ‘Walking In The Rain’, or another Moonboots New Age secret, while Part 2 gets abducted by The Rhythm Devils and taken up the Mekong. Like Lance, I hope you’ve saved those last hits.International Feel Soundcloud (1)International Feel Soundcloud (2)

SUPERIMPOSERS / PEOPLE EP / WONDERFULSOUND‘People’ echoes of The Cyrkle, The Sandpipers, Batteaux (again), Mardin Hill, and James Taylor. Part the Acid Jazz Quartet. Part The Prisoners. Desert boots. French cuts. Mod. Certainly. ‘Besides’ is a sunny day on Brighton Beach. Reclining in a red & white-stripped, wooden deck chair, rather than throwing it at a Rocker. Watching Emily play (did you know that the Emily form ‘See Emily Play’ went on to draw all the Penguin Cafe covers. True fact that – Ed).Wonderfulsound Soundcloud

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