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Test Pressing

The Face / Electro

Classic classic cover of The Face here by Neville Brody from May 1984. Probably my favourite. I think its just the colours and huge brody type. It’s like the word ‘ELECTRO’ was made for him. So killer cover and a great piece. Their intro says it all really.

“Rapid and solid, fast and frantic, the Electro beat is the new Sound of the City – as stimulating as the urban jungle that spawned it. Dismissed as a craze, a novelty, denounced as a sinister robot music devoid of ‘real’ emotion, it proved to be a tough see that took root on England’s pavements. And with it came a style and an attitude; a zany improvisation on the digital pulse of the age. David Toop tracks the rise of the Beat Box and asks: Wotupski, Bug Byte? Paul Rambali meets the Future Tribe, the B-Boys. B for British. Photographs by Steve Pyke and Patricia Bates.”

(Excuse my bad scanning and comping work. Need an A3 scanner at some point.)

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