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Test Pressing

174 / Bing Ji Ling / Mex-i-coastin'

This is a perfect mix for the weekend. Some of you may know Bing Ji Ling from his work with Incarnations and also the Phenomenal Handclap Band with next up a new release from his Paqua project alongside Paul Murphy and Alex Searle on the Claremont label. Some hot debuts on this mix – the aforementioned Paqua, a Quantic/Alice Russell track that isn’t out yet, and a new PHB track that will be a B-side at some point in the future. Also on the mix is one of our favourites, ‘Toda Menina Baiana’ by Gilberto Gil. It’s a beauty of a mix actually. First out of the balearic traps for us this year and if we can post more like this I’ll be a happy man.

The mix is called “Mex-i-coastin'” as he just spent six weeks in Mexico scouring the Pacific Coast from Mazunte, Oaxaca to Sayulita, Nayarit. We are about to do the Mexican tourist office a favour here (not that it needs one) and post some of Bing’s photographs from his trip. I need to get there.


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