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Test Pressing

Nice Things In The Post / Kindness

So this one has been getting noticed. You may have seen people posting about this on Facebook or whatever as it seems to be a bit of a hype one right now. Whatever. For me its great to see major record labels doing good things and supporting left of centre music in the correct way. Polydor have clearly got their hearts in the right place right now. Kindness – its got a mass appeal name – is a wobbly slice of balearic pop that starts off with an extended Prince-like guitar solo before dropping the bassline and the vocals arriving with some nice keys and a sax loop and some Eastern feelings. I have a feeling these could be massive growers. Its got something really interesting about it. An odd mix of sound and song away from the obvious “youth love BASS” axis. You can check the track below.

So this is the second 12 that arrived in the package. Not sure what the deal is because I think my postman is a fan and the press release went wandering but the A side was ok for me, had that LCD punk funk twang on the bottom end, but the second track on the B side has got a similar wonky left of centre attitude to song-writing as the one above, just over syncopated synths with no drums. Be nice to hear him stretch and go on an album. Look forward to hearing more.

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