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Test Pressing

Nice Things In The Post / Tusk 4

Its always good when the postman turns up with a new record you weren’t expecting. I liked these guys from the off. They got in touch and said can we send the record and I said send digital if its easier and they said ‘vinyl only with us’. Good ethos. Tusk 4 is the new promo from, well honestly I don’t know really. They are called Tusk Wax and this one is four tracks of across the board electronic disco balearic business.

First track on the EP is a nice chugger with dubbed out melodies that is followed by a darkly-vocalled 4/4 number. Favourite track on the twelve for me goes to the first track on the B side. Again a nice mid-tempo number with clean drums and a great little vocal hook. Sort of deep house groove that puts you in a good mood and you know you are about to enjoy the night ahead one its been on. Last track on the twelve reminds me of W10 back in the day. A boogie feel with nice drums thats gives you the feeling that the guys (or girls) know their hip hop and their Kenny Dope from their Dilla. Looking forward to hearing more.

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