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One Thousand Cranes

On my recent trip back to the UK I was lucky enough to bump into my old friend Kevin Summers, of Anomaly. He had come to a house party thrown in honour of my return, thinking it was the host’s birthday, but that’s beside the point (he did bring a nice card). Whilst reflecting on our shared misadventures over the last twenty years, he told me about this project, One Thousand Cranes For Japan.

The proudest moment of his career to date. In the days following the Tohoku Earthquake, wondering how they could help, Anomaly and Unit 9 came upon an ancient Japanese tradition. A thousand origami cranes folded to grant one wish. Emailing artists for designs they were overwhelmed by the response, and already exceeding their target they have now been nominated for The Design Museum’s Design Of The Year Award. Since we are all about “Anything from Balearic Beats to high-end design”, I thought, “Kev’s a mate, the designs are really nice, and it’s for an extremely good cause, best flag it up”. I`ve been staring at the page trying to pick a favourite, trying to imagine them folded. Reckon folded it would be Matt Lyon. Unfolded it might be I Love Dust.

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