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Test Pressing

Review / Only 4 U: The Sound Of Cajmere & Cajual Records

Photograph by Danny.

I saw someone on Facebook the other day admitting to liking house almost as if it was a guilty pleasure. It isn’t and never has been. It’s just one of those things you fall in and out of love with until something makes you go and play ‘that’ record and you get ‘that’ feeling again. House was our disco. It was the happy feeling you got at the right moment at the right time with the right people and right now I think we have all got to the point in our world where anything goes if it comes in under 125BPM. Maybe we just want to get happy for a bit after too long sitting about scratching our arses reading bad news in the papers. Who knows…

This compilation has a few too many ‘Percolator’ moments for me which I think it could have done without but it does have ‘Brighter Days’ by Cajmere ft. Dajae which sits in the top ten house moments for me. It’s happy without the cheese and makes you want to go get near a soundsystem and listen to some loud music.

Digging the double pack out you realise how good it was. Dubs from Todd, full vocals from MAW and Cajmere’s Vocal Mix that was the favourite in our house. So back to the compilation, this is house that was made in moments where Curtis Jones was clearly having fun. He is one of those guys that sounds like he can just bang it out at ease whenever he feels like it and what happens just depends on what hat he’s chosen to put on that day. For the price of entry you also get music from Gemini and a number of others but for me its all about ‘Brighter Days’.

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