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Test Pressing

Review / Psychemagik presents Magik Cyrkles

Photograph by Danny.

So a Psychemagik compilation on Leng. What’s it like? You know the answer if you’ve been around here for any length of time.

When it comes to the mixes on Test Pressing Psychemagik seem to hit a place where anyone can get into it. They take underground records up and out into the mainstream using the tricks of now with loops and edits, tweak and EQ they make the whole thing flow into one good old heads down party.

And they dig. They properly dig for records in that hardcore obsessive way that I fell out of love with when I had a child. You speak to them and they are super excited about the new weird electronic private press they just found in some odd little shop in an odd town they don’t want to tell you about. It comes over as a file with no track titles and no hope of you knowing what it is.

So the mix. Its good. And fun. It starts off with disco on a jazz tip and moves through some percussive business and then into the flipping great ‘Down In California’ and on. On through folky disco, dubby stuff stopping by odd ball disco before going on to a happy ending.

You don’t need me to sell it to you. Its a CD full of great music, which most of us will never have heard before. For the car, the party, the back garden – it ticks all the boxes. We like.

Psychemagik present Magik Cyrkles is out on Leng Records on the 22nd October.

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