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Test Pressing


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Traffic`s echo in the rain. The wipers` metronome the beat as downpour renders life beyond the windshield opaque. The familiar, alien. Lynch`s “Eraserhead” with Techno lighting. Vatican shadow. A tangerine dream. Morroder`s “Chase”. The midnight express. Vangelis in a chopper. Moebius. Point zero. Tom Waits and a jockey full of bourbon. Shore leave. Pulling on trouble`s braids. An arm full of fake watches and a cheap Hawaiian shirt. One more margarita. A Miami Vice sunrise. Linen suits, pastel shirts, penny loafers, no socks. The drums, the itch you just can`t scratch. The worry you just can`t shake. Brownian motion. Fluid molecules collide. The blood that stirs the body. The heart`s pump, relentless. A melodica sings of passion, bars and back streets. Flight through cobbled Monmarte after dark. Dockside and secret passage. Stowaway and loss. Baby Ford on Ifach. There can be no going back. A Cajual bass-line. Tim Harper on Relief stripping Mayday`s Detroit, pushing its building blocks apart, injecting some space. Beltram`s “The Start It Up” muted but defiant, a scar worn proudly. The world marching behind shuttered lids, exotica interrupting the R.E.M. Throbbing Gristle`s “Heathen Earth” with the Martin Denny made more obvious. The Orb in darker thought. Cauty`s “Space”. Nitro Deluxe in an Arkestra shower. Salon Des Amateurs` overexposed scream contest. Jeff Mills on Tresor entering the eye of the storm, electricity all around. The groove industrial but subliminal. F.U.S.E.`s “Dimension Intrusion”. New Jersey swing locked in a black hole orgy with “UVA”. Its shadows the lair of Steve Moore`s NYC vampires. Kim Carnes` “Draw Of The Cards” and Marrianne`s “Blue Millionaire” made more cosmic yet by Sherwood in Compass Point.

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