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Test Pressing

214 / Lee Douglas / Suddenly Last Summer

A big hello to all those in NYC on this one. We like what Lee Douglas is about at Test Pressing, his music pushes all the buttons across the board in our book. From slow mo modern disco to house and beyond. We asked Lee for some words about himself and whats in the mix and below is what he wrote… Over to Lee.

“Back in NYC about a month after being in Europe for the last 3 months, and still coming down off the buzz of my summer, feeling the coming of fall and the changes it brings to everything around (this was written pre-Sandy – Ed), I started to put this mix together hoping to re-live some of the great moments that were had. A lot of the tracks were on serious rotation, memorable high points, special edits, maybe some I wish I got to play more, some of my own productions and edits that just came out, promos, digs, and files swaps, but mostly I just wanted to have a way to remember and give thanks to all the friends old and new, promoters and people who where there for these great times and some who weren’t but were… So here’s goes, thanks for the good times and sweet memories!

Alexis Le Tan, Vincent Vega Tajan, Sergey Orange, Johnny Hiller, Alex Voices, Katovl Menovsky, Paramida Sabay, Fin de Siecle crew, Jonny Wilkes, Keith Mckivor, Sub clubbers, Rasmus Skousen, Bogdan, Baris K, Mersenne, Minimuzikhol crew, Nevzat, Otto crew, JD, Pete Herbert, Calvi on the Rocks, crew, Phred Le Dame Noir, Dan Beaumont, Timofey,Toni, Magnus, Miko, Cosmo, Vidal, Julien, Gilbr, Ettienne, Sandrine, Joakim, Alexandra and Eduoard, Marie, Lucile, Sundae, Leatitia, Judith, Veronica, Piers, Hunee, Phil M, Dan, Sasa, Mans, Anton, Nicolas, Katerina, Christian D, Alister, Christian, Marta, Tucge, Coop n Hannah, Andrew T, Tobias, Vivan, Justin, Irinca, Illinca and your awesome mom… Kent and Chida sorry guys… and of course… Pia Ionescu, Justin V, Andrew Hogge, Ron Morelli, Caroline Smithson, Hugo n Tanya, Thomas B, Rosey, Alex and my sister Micheala and my new niece Valentine… Test pressing for hosting and anyone else who I forgot to mention… Thanks, see you soon!”


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