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Test Pressing

222 / Damon Martin / Disco Bloodbath

We like to break up the mellow balearic kosmiche disco business with a bit of house every now and then and here comes Damon Martin of London’s Disco Bloodbath to show us what its all about..

We asked Damo what the mix is about and he told us “This is a mix of the kind of stuff that I’m playing out at the moment. It’s ended up being mostly of a house persuasion but that’s not really by design. Most of it is new stuff from this year but there are a few of classics thrown in along with a couple of forthcoming bits on the Disco Bloodbath label.” Check the Crooked Man mix on the Disco Bloodbath label as its a bit of a banger. And you can stay up to date here on all other Bloodbath business.


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