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Test Pressing

224 / Yozo / EAD Records 15th Anniversary Mix

A mix here from Yozo Kumitake to celebrate 15 years open for Koenji`s EAD Records, which has got to be some kind of achievement in the light of the changes the business of selling second-hand records has undergone in the last 10 years. I think I`ve said this before but when I first visited EAD it was firmly in the grip of The Loft and all things New York, but now, 6 years on we are travelling more spiritual climes. This mix takes in records from Brasil, France, Gabon, Bolivia, Russia, a dash of UK Roots and of course, Japan. Some would break the bank, if you could find them, some as cheap as chips. With an “Originals” compilation of Japanese artists for Claremont 56 in the bag, photo-shoot wrapped, and scheduled for release in March 2013, a more modest and nicer chap you couldn`t hope to meet. Here`s to another 15!

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