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Test Pressing

REVIEWS / PROMO`D / 05 / 12 / 2012

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Speaker cabinets slashed and torn, spitting bass like a severed aorta. ESG post-e, Tom Tom Club nursery rhymes with nicotine-stained fingers. The House-not-House of squat parties, Sleaze Nation, Campag Velocet, back when Hoxton was empty and up for cheap rent. Those post-Brain Club parties that Sean Mclusky used to throw, resurrecting Punk, Boy`s Own DJs in bondage trousers. Switchblades and paranoia, Red Snapper, Richard Thair`s drumming, Guerrila Records, and amyl. “Peut Etre…Pas”. A gold toothed Buffalo Stance. Trevor Jackson`s Skull. Ron Hardy edits, Principle & Knuckles, Kings Cross, and red light fake fur. Black Apple`s, Wobble, P.I.L., Death Disco, Swan Lake. Pages from Corrine Day`s “Diary”. After over a decade away Gramme haven`t changed what they do, but they don`t sound dated.

Tummy Touch on Soundcloud.

Test Pressing, Reviews, Promo`d, Dr Rob, Apartment 4/4, Parkway, Parkwest, Mark Seven, Jus`Wax, The Isms,


Positive black science. Ashely Beedle & Bob Jones sampling Jesse Jackson. Mood II Swing`s “swing” meets Larry Heard`s “Alien”. Something Detroit in the drums. Eight Ball Jazz, a touch of the Juniors (Vasquez and Boy`s Own). The world is still full of trouble. The counterpoint of synths and pads a reminder of Acid`s abandon, like someone caught you about to “build the box” or break into Danny`s dance. A 3 to 5 Am “nice”. Church get ready, it`s morning time.

Parkway Records on Soundcloud.

Test Pressing, Reviews, Promo`d, Dr Rob, Al Gobi, Disco Bloodbath, Wild Geese, Crooked Man, Halfway House,


Mike Dunn, more “God Made Me Phunky” than “Magic Feet”, with filtered pianos and rave snares. Wild Geese take the track back to `89, the Desperation Dub of Sterling Void`s “Runaway Girl”, Inner City strings and Smith & Mighty nascent Jungle subs, before the drums come on all U.S. Alliance. Crooked Man push the halfway house back over the edge of madness, leaving it burning, reduced to a hypnotic industrial LFO loop, as if JuJu & Jordash`s “Techno Primitivism” were cut up live by Joey Beltram, with unhinged vocals from Armitage S. recalling Chicago`s White Car, and topped off with a hit of James Chance-esque skronk.

Disco Bloodbath on Soundcloud.

Test Pressing, Reviews, Promo`d, Dr Rob, Justin Robertson, Deadstock 33s, Daniel Avery, Optimo


Kriedler bass-line, modular oscillations, modern motorik. Barney Sumner`s guitar, apreggios, ethereal vocals, and tape reversals. Barnt`s remix picks up John Carpenter`s “Prince Of Darkness” tachyon transmissions. Credits roll, mirrors become fluid, the future looms. “Commercial Suicide” could be Keith Le Blanc subverting Acid`s butt music and “Manifesto For Mutants” has the warnings of Greater Than One`s “Dub Killer” gone unheeded.

Optimo Music on Soundcloud.

Test Pressing, Reviews, Promo`d, Dr Rob, Cody Chesnutt, Landing On A Hundred, One Little Indian


Some people have said “Terence Trent D`Arby” and in the high notes and the way out places like “Don`t Follow Me” that`s obvious, but where Terence was James Brown on mushrooms sending up Mick Jagger, Cody calls upon the spirits of Marvin Gaye, Leroy Hutson and Curtis Mayfield. “Love Is More Than A Wedding Day” is Motown Marvin joy, with Tammi, before one beating too many. “It`s Been Life” could be Tim Maia, “Don`t Go The Other Way” maybe Mos Def or OutKast rocking out. I was sold on “That`s Still Mama”, a cross of Aloe Blacc and “Freddie`s Dead”. I don`t need the eclecticism, but I am in need of someone, a Mayfield for these times, willing to stand up and say how they see it, feel it. Someone with unshake-able compassion. God is love. Love is god.

Cody Chesnutt on Soundcloud.

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