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229 / Producers Series #22 / Mark Kamins

Mark Kamins, the highly influential DJ at New York`s Danceteria, the club that boasted Keith Haring, LL Cool J, Sade and the Beastie Boys amongst its staff, is probably most famous for kick-starting Madonna`s career, forcing her demos on Sire`s Seymour Stein and producing her first single. His sets, a mix of New Wave, Disco and Hip-Hop / Electro, secured him the roles of Talking Heads` party DJ and A&R for Island`s 4th & Broadway.

In the studio Kamins worked with other Danceteria luminaries, Alfredo Fiorito favourite Johnny Dynell (DJ) and Karen Finley (bartender) and her yams, gave Contortions keyboardist Adele Bertei a Le Beat Route / Steve Lewis classic, transformed the Pop of Kajagoogoo in to something Theo Parrish might spin, and created records loved by Levan and Weatherall alike with Quando Quango. Through Quando`s visits to New York with New Order, Kamins was also instrumental in Mike Pickering and Tony Wilson signing Algerian Rai (Fadela`s “N`Sel Fik”) to Manchester`s Factory, and his later productions carry a similar Eastern / World feel, remixing Ofra Haza, and producing Sheik Fawaz and Deepak & Khan, all “hits” on the original Balearic / Acid House scene, and still apparently getting airings at World Unknown.

Test Pressing, Producers Series, Dr Rob, Mark Kamins

Test Pressing, Producers Series, Dr Rob, Mark Kamins

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