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Test Pressing

232 / Dom Moir / Shoom 25

When I working in house music a while back I remember talking with Clive from Flying about where he first heard house music and he said Dom Moir. He said he ran into Dom in Covent Garden when everyone was into bombing and wildstlye and that Dom took his headphones off gave them to Clive and said ‘here you go, thats the future’. Point is, when it comes to house, and what was to become acid house, Dom was an early adopter. From there he worked in some of London’s best record shops and DJ’d across town.

For the Shoom reunion the other week Danny Rampling asked Dom on board to play some music and apparently he played some of the best music of the night so we asked him to mix the same records so we could put it up and here it is. Basically its three hours of good old party soundtrack from chuggy balearic beats to quality house.


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