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Test Pressing

247 / Leo Mas / Amnesia 1985 Part 2 / Early Night Music

To say we love this series is an understatement. Leo`s mixtures of Post-Punk, left-leaning Pop, Soundtracks and Ambience define a big part of where Test Pressing is coming from. Being able to help Leo tell his part in the origination of the “Balearic Beat” to an English-speaking audience was an honour and dialogue with Leo continues to be a musical revelation, as do these mixes. I don`t consider myself to be an expert, but even those that I do have admitted that they always find some hither to unknown gems in Leo`s selections. I will concede that I am an obsessive. If a record was played at Amnesia or Pacha before 1990 then I have to have it. Even if it might never again move from its alphabetically ordered position on the museum shelf. But, ignoring this affliction, personally these sets are also teaching me a lot about how energy should move during the early part of an evening. Ebb and flow, gradually upwards, holding the interest, but not necessarily in a straight-line. Leo asked, “Would you like me to do some Part Two`s?” and I said, “Leo mate, as far as I`m concerned you can go to Part Ten`s or until you run out of records.”

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