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Test Pressing

248 / Semtek

I wanted to find someone to do a slow and hard mix somewhere around 110bpm-115bpm and after having a think asked Semtek as I thought he’d be perfect for the job. Semtek is producer / DJ Benjamin Roth who makes house and techno with experimental edges. He started the Don’t Be Afraid label in 2009 to release his own productions, but then expanded it to encompass the work of other artists like Mr.Beatnick and Photonz in 2011. Recently he has found a more esoteric sound with releases like ‘West Acyd Shelter’ and ‘Pizza’. As Don’t Be Afraid MD he continues to explore the label’s capacity to bring talented producers out of the shadows, whilst releasing his own productions from time to time. He has also released on World Unknown, Awkward Movements and In Plain Sight. So on with the program. Like I said slow, hard techno that chugs. Bring the noise.

Mix, Semtek, Techno, 100bpm, chuggy, noise, hard, Belgium style


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