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Test Pressing

249 / Dr Rob

I had a go at Pop just after Christmas. This one`s Soul, Balearic Soul. Not necessarily the music of the peak time dancefloors, but the music of the lobbies and the bars, the arrivals, the catching up, and the synchronizing of watches. The music of the breathers from the delirium, and later, the music of the lights coming up, and not wanting to go home. To be honest I set out to make the playlist obscure, to try to show off, but the session quickly descended into well-worn favourites, and after some feedback (thank you Ingrid, Tina, Yuki and Eri) I decided to leave it that way. Maybe I`ll go for more obscure next time.

A good friend of mine with the initials T.H. would ask “Soul is Soul, by what definition do you make it “Balearic”?” Well I`ll tell you…

Archie Bell & The Drells: I`m in the back room at Dingwalls, a Gosh party, lights up, probably dancing with Clive; Eugene Record and Tyrone Davis: Lifted from the excellent conversation between Andrew Weatherall and Terry Farley on 6Music, when they were dedicated to Plug; Bobby Story: Taken from a Danny Rampling top ten list published around the time Shoom was changing from smiley faces to hearts and moving to The Park; Main Ingredient and Jeffery Perry: Two Darrens, Rock and House, reminiscing about Special Branch dos at the Zoo and the Natural History Museum; Razzy: Dr Bob Jones and Shoom again; Pockets: Well, I bought my copy from Dave Jarvis; The Temptations: Dean Thatcher at Flying. An unexpected blast of Motown that took everybody`s head off when he played it; Jackie Wilson: Mr Farley at Busby`s, and stories of folks insisting that the song was written about E; Terry Callier: Simon Dunmore, Ibiza `90, and Rocky & Diesel at The Yellow Book. “All the things that you`ve done for me, will never fade from my memory.” For Jo.

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