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Test Pressing

256 / London Club Playlists 019 / Boy`s Own Playlists #10 / Autumn 1989 Part 3

Complied by scouring the margins. Taken from the “Stop Press”, the mentions of “Monkey Drum”, The Outsider`s anti-rave stance. Tunes un-pizza stylee, tunes to make you think more clearly. Douglas Hart and a runaway ballerina. A Chemistry degree swapped for Arts Foundation. The Scream and their part in everyone`s downfall. A guitar solo that seemed to sum everything up. There would be casualties. Def Mix do an Inner City on Mica Paris. A bootleg puts Caroline Loeb, Linda Di Franco, Hong Kong Syndikat and Sven Vath together. Simon Jeffes` Jig and reel. Forever an Ibizian sunset. High as a kite on a beach with the Guardia Civil / Policia Nacional patting down my pockets. Nothing to be done save trust providence. Oakenfold productions and remixes. The Stone Roses. Squire`s jubilant riff. I can remember shaking my brother by the hand to make sure it was understood. I think I shook everyone`s hand. The Mondays and a pre-“Technique” summer. Anna Hashmi stole my t-shirt. A transcendental Nu Groove moment. Redemption in a Louisiana swamp. Van The Man`s fading genius. Music that made you look around for all your friends. Throw your arms about both presence and absence. I`d sit upon the carpet and tell sad tales if there were but the time. Roddy Radiation signs off. Boy George gets busted. Believers all of us. Electric word life.

Test Pressing, London Club Playlists, Boy`s Own Playlists, Dr Rob, Terry Farley, Cymon Eckel, Steve Mayes, Andrew Weatherall, DJHistory, Bill Brewster, Frank Broughton, Autumn, 1989


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