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Obituary / Romanthony

I had the pleasure of speaking to Romanthony quite a lot on the phone at a certain point in time. He was making amazing music – from crazy prince type jams through to really raw house tracks with not a lot going on. Our label at the time was doing pretty well but he didn’t care. He had this order of the way things had to happen which was you put out some of the raw records first (which he described in darker tones of colour like brown and grey) “before you get to the yellow shit”. We never did get to the yellow stuff, as we didn’t even put out the dark ones as they were a little too raw, but the undeniable fact is that he had a truly unique take on house music and a perfect “house” voice. The version of ‘The Wanderer’ that sounds like Prince circa 1999 is just out and out genius in my book. Showing that house could have a lack of fences keeping it in and soul and sorrow at the same time. A one off and a bit of a genius. R.I.P.

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