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Test Pressing

REVIEWS / PROMO`D / 31 / 05 / 2013

Reviews, Promo`d, Dr Rob, Willie Burns, Jorge Velez, Professor Genius, Echovolt, Bridge and Tunnel Kids, Omnii


NY analogue geezers Jorge Velez and Willie “Burns” Burnett were responsible for the first release on Greek label Echovolt in 2009. Bridge & Tunnel Kids is really Velez but Mr Burns turns in a remix of the title track. “Persistence” is metallic, the rhythm hammered on stainless steel sheets while a Morse code mayday is frantically taped out. Dan Curtin`s “Apogee”. Alien moon marching Techno. “Omnii” has Hip Hop`s 808, the mellow birds of a “Pacific State”, and soaring 69 “Desire” strings that light out for future metropolises in the sky. Beyond the clouds. Willie Burns` mix is like a second wind. Harmony reduced to interference. The rising and falling electricity, the currency, of a city breathing at night. TV static. White noise in your head.

Echovolt Records on Soundcloud.

Reviews, Promo`d, Dr Rob, Alistair Read, Tours, Get-Effect, Bohemian Club


“Tours” puts Japan`s “Ghosts” with The Cure`s “Faith”. A slow sad reprise of the same band`s “A Forest”. Sakamoto`s work with Robin Scott. Beauty in discord. “Otago Dub” tolls a temple bell, its vibrations forcibly pushing air as if it were a heavy immovable object. Sluggish oxygen. Sound so thick that it`s visible. Lazer points of guitar burn holes in the fog. Skittering drums dash and hide amongst tumble weeds and Western chords on “This Wasn`t In The Brochure”. Malignant spirits draw tiny twisters in deserted dust bowl towns. Kicking rattlers. Lizards run for cover in a forgotten abandoned America. “No One Here Leaves Empty-Handed” rides New Order on a coconut shell gallop along a beach at dawn against stratified July skies. Pinks and oranges break the blue and colour the horizon.

The Bohemian Club on Soundcloud.

Reviews, Promo`d, Dr Rob, Daniele Baldelli, DJ Rocca, Nang, Podalirius, Andrew Weatherall, Luke Solomon, Prins Thomas


On “Space Scribble”, Prins Thomas gives the Cosmic synths of The Far East Family Band`s Fumio Miyashita a breakbeat and a bassline and takes the mid-tempo chugger for a Techno spin of galaxies, gravity and star dancers. Luke Solomon turns the loose shuffle of “TV Show” into Punk Funk with a rubber band riff and horn stabs. Konk`s kitchen percussion. Gramme gone House. Citizen Dennis Kane`s Visitors covering one of those Missy Elliot Bootlegs that used to chart on Faith, with a Jennifer Herrema from Royal Trux sound a like on vocals.

The only thing from “Complotto Geometrico” that Weatherall retains is a rough approximation of the BPM. Out goes the Moog and in comes that Arp, but the expected Glam Motorik is given a holiday and instead it`s half-speed Go-Go-a-go-go and the groove of “Blue Monday” pitched way down. Anyone remember The Times` “Lundi Bleu? Well it`s not pitched down quite that far. Guitars lock into the Martin Hannett in an impossibly ceilinged subterranean Lovecraftian cave scratch of The Sabres Of Paradise`s probably forgotten but still classic collaboration with James, “Jam J”.

If the Weatherall remix had come out in 1990 / 91 and had some cult `60s soundtrack or Roots Reggae samples thrown in then I would have thought it was the nuts. It mixes nicely with the forthcoming Techno Redux of Mugwump`s “Boutade”.

DJ Rocca on Soundcloud.

You can hear tracks from these releases, and others like them, every Saturday on “The Remedy” / local FM (8 – 9 PM Japanese Time) / 12 Noon in the UK / on Karuizawa FM / to stream you need to click on web radio / then chose the first option – インタ-ネトdeラジオ / the shows are archived on Samurai.FM the following week here and you can find the Facebook page here.

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