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Test Pressing


Test Pressing, Review, Promo`d, Dr Rob, Poppy Ackroyd, Escapement, Denovali

A garden awakening. Leaves rising to the dew. Petalled heads turning to greet the sun. Insect business beginning. Rain. Drops splash revive green. A watcher`s lonely hand upon misted glass. A metronome ticks with some urgency. Poppy`s knuckles tap and rattle out a rhythm. Peak after peak. Running, running after love. Heart beat faster. Pianos hammered like dulcimers, Kashmiri santoor. A dance of tenderness viewed through muslin, warm white cotton, transparent with morning. Thunder distant, hushed. Storm and danger passed / past. Hurt cradled in a lap until it is calmed. A violin weeps and mystery unravels with bright but gradual illumination. A wedding waltz stolen from chances beyond Coppola dark interiors. Smiles and celebration, frozen like photographs, unaware, brief moments uncaring, of the future. Nature in close-up. Milk dropping on milk. The flimsiest of castles erected in stop motion, crashing down to concentric infinity.

Denovali on Soundcloud.

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