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Test Pressing

264 / Leo Mas / Amnesia 1988 Pt. 2 / Early Night Warm Up Music

Jazz from Sade, JTQ and Miles. From the cocktail kind to probably the rarest release on Acid Jazz, King Truman. Recorded in breach of contract by The Style Council, recalled and destroyed by Polydor. Big band Disney Rhumba and Bobby McFerrin scatting to himself. Barbara Lynn`s boogie and history lessons from The Last Poets. The Go-Go chug that kinda defined Balearic for a while, at least in London. Joe Strummer on a mystery train straight outta Tijuana. Stax and Memphis Soul. The real find for me though is the Songhai. I bought the LP years ago for Jose`s Café Del Mar favourite “Jarabi” and never bothered to listen to any of the other tracks on it. Until now.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, Leo Mas, Amnesia, Ibiza, Balearic Beat, Early Night Warm Up Music, 1988, Alfredo


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