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Test Pressing


Test Pressing, Promo`d, Dr Rob, Dolo Percussion, L.I.E.S., Future Times, Maxmillion Dunbar, Andrew Field-Pickering, Beautiful Swimmers

No Relief from these hats. Dance Mania`s Duane & Co. in heat take a sledge to the pianeer. Spitting keys as single notes like broken teeth. Tablas and Fini Tribe`s “De Testimony”. George Kranz. Din dada. A Dada din.

The Art Of Noise collapse edits. Rhythm crashes in on its self. Samson destroys the temple. Footage run backwards and forwards, creates a drum machine Jazz. Rob Armani`s “Circus Bells” gets human beatboxed somewhere in the distance.

Maxmillion D funkin` with the drums again.

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