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Test Pressing


Test Pressing, Under The Radar, Tracks, Dr Rob, Camera Obscura, French Navy, 4AD

I knew nothing about Camera Obscura, since as far as I can make out none of the band are regulars at ALFOS or WU, are friends with either Alfredo Fiorito or Ron Morelli, or shop at Redlight. To be perfectly honest I only listened to the new LP, “Desire Lines”, because it`s on 4AD, and am always in search of a new Cocteaus-esque moment. Taken with both “William`s Heart” and “Fifth In Line To The Throne”, I did that modern thing last night of spending a glass of wine bouncing between Discogs and Youtube looking for more information, and I found this. Articulate music driven by bruised hearts that harks back to artists of the heyday of “Why-Don`t-Nice-Girls / Guys-Like-Me” Pop: The Smiths, 10, 000 Maniacs and Everything But The Girl. The Sundays jamming with The Rockingbirds.

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