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Test Pressing


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House so Mediterranean that you can taste sea salt. The Tyrrehneian Sea, the Adriatic, feel the love for, the Heartbeat of, a school of Italian classics.

Not quite Countach borrowing from Santana or Out Of Mind kidnapping Jevetta Steele, more the Fathers Of Sound remixing Pacha`s “One Kiss”, or maybe the D.F.C. touching up Malcolm McLaren, while he masquerades as a young girl shedding his clothes for the Summer.

A gentle repeat falls like tears. A synth wails, but it`s pleasure mixed with pain. Ethos Mamma getting screwed in Dub. Jordan sings Aphrodisiac`s “Song Of The Siren”, communes with whales.

A Moroder bassline drags the version, Jordan and that heartbeat down, down, down to the ocean floor, holding baited breath, amidst Fusion flourishes, Roger Troutman and Mandre`s freaky ways, and Theo`s Funk.

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