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Test Pressing

279 / Leo Mas / Amnesia 198SEX Part 3 / Early Night Warm Up Music

It begins with a swing named after a stone, that seems to have become Alfredo`s theme (he played it in Tokyo when last he was over). Lizzy has her fire put out, and is left to smoulder, sing spirituals in a swamp. Raimundo & Rafael`s “Bluesleria”. The Purple One in peach and black, under a cherry moon. Sad beauty in the occasional snows of spring. “Blackout” played at 33. Posh fackers from a Balearic Beats comp that never was. Sleeve notes by Farley. Hugs & kisses.

The Fine Young Cannibals do a Colourbox. Loose Ends get dubbed to Proto-House. The Soulsonic Force become a ringer for Tackhead. Dizzi goes off. George in battle. Robotnick pays tribute to `Trane, and Yello make a bandeneon bordello run.

Political Popsters, push the boat out and dance.

Test Pressing, Mixes, Dr Rob, Leo Mas, Amnesia, Ibiza, Balearic Beat, Early Night Warm Up Music, 1986, 198Sex, Alfredo


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