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Test Pressing

281 / Øyvind Morken

I was on my Instagram the other day being all social media and Øyvind Morken who I follow had posted up the label for his new release on Full Pupp. It’s his debut release and is to be followed with more tracks on Full Pupp and a new label that Prins Thomas has in the offing. The one below is out August the 5th so look out for that one.

Øyvind Morken, Full Pupp, Release, Test Pressing

This mix was done in the basement club at Jaeger around as Øyvind was sweating out a hangover from the previous day`s gig. In his words “it is basically a snap shot of some of the stuff that played from 2-3 hours in when the night gets busy and people get on the floor.” Sounds good to us.

281, ØYVIND MORKEN, Mix, Test Pressing, Balearic, Disco


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