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Test Pressing

Posthuman / Live At The Colony / August / 2013

One for the underground heads. August 4th 2013 saw Posthuman of Tusk Wax (and more) deliver the attached live set at the Colony club. It’s a heavy, techy and sound fresh from the machine.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Se Ces OneIn ApopheniaHecatismOttomenDecompressionCompany ManKill It With FireStep BackSo CruelMonsters ExistHelioshockStockholm Syndrome

Mind your bass bins as someone once said.

I Love Acid, Posthuman

This Friday Posthuman hit the stage at their long standing ‘I Love Acid’ which is now at Power Lunches in Dalston, London. Tickets & details are here. It’s only 80 people and pretty raw so if you like getting lost in it with a load of like-minded souls then this your thing. £5 and as they say, “no guestlist, no favours”.

I Love Acid has been running monthly since 2007, with parties in London, Malta, Dublin, Edinburgh, Belfast, Antwerp & more, and has featured guests such as Luke Vibert, Ben Sims, A Guy Called Gerald, DJ Food, EgeBamYasi, Mike Paradinas, DJ 3000, DMX Krew, Radioactive Man, Jerome Hill, and Kirk Degiorgio – so expect that squelchy 303 sound in full. On with the program.

Posthuman, Live, Corsica, Studios, August, 2013, London, Tusk Wax


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