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Test Pressing

291 / Dr Rob

So we`re back in the “Balearic shed”, a designer shack at the top of a garden in Croydon, to which my decks and records had been banished (and where I sometimes had recourse to seek exile / asylum), me & Mr Hayter, at least eight years ago. The conversation has moved on from “Balearic Soul” to “Balearic Reggae”, and once again I`m asked to justify such classification. “Balearic Reggae is Reggae I`ve heard played when pilled-up” was my facetious reply. Me hearing something when pilled-up is obviously no one`s definition of Balearic, if it were then my next collection could be “Balearic Supermarket BGM” (some might argue that everything I do is supermarket BGM), or “Balearic Songs I Have Sung In The Bath” (you`ll probably need to wait for the book for that one), since I did spend some time searching for that evasive palace of wisdom, down Blake`s well-trodden road to excess.

Most of the tunes here accompanied the Soul of the previous compilation, as part of the soundtrack to the warm-up, bar room respite / hand-shaking / flirting, and wind-down of an Acid House evening in London. A fair percentage of them, including the Prince Lincoln, which I take with me everywhere, coming from the box of Terry Farley. Some are personal favourites, like the Te Track, that I might have heard addled, but only safely locked indoors, and a few are recent discoveries that I thought fit.

Good vibes is what we be about.

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