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294 / Tusk / Birthday Mix

Happy to welcome the main man behind Tusk, Tusk, to these shores. Tusk go about things in a very Detroit underground way (which appeals to my sensibilities). It’s the ‘if you do something good you don’t need to shout as people will find you’ school of thought. It is underground, dirty, has minimal artwork and is made for nightclubs that leave crap all over your shoes. I like the other end of the spectrum too (lovely artwork etc) but having spent many of my formative years running around nightclubs that would have eaten this music alive it hits home. Motorway music… We asked Tusk what it was all about…

“Its my birthday coming up so I thought I’d do a really self indulgent mix. It starts with five tracks that I’ve either remixed or worked on with Causa and PORK INTL. Then it’s into a load of forthcomings from labels I’m involved with and another original with Causa stuck in the middle. I’ll be playing a few of these at my birthday party on the 28th Sept down at the Shelter in London. If you are in the area drop down for a few beers and whatnot… Its hosted by those top boys at RSS (here on Facebook) and line up is a whole load of friends and DJs who are linked to the label, details are here. They’ll all be doing b2b sets so its gonna be a pretty unique wee rave I think.”

A rare thing on Test Pressing. Here’s the tracklisting…

Garben Eden – Romantic Archive (Tusk Remix) [Lampuka]Causa – Crosswinds (Tusk’s Acid Sunday Remix) [Glenview]Rebel Soul Collective – XTC (Tusk Waterslide Remix) [Rothmans]Causa & Tusk – Iniciar [Disco Bloodbath forthcoming]Tusk & PORK INTL – Gizzy the Fox (Coyote remix) [RSI forthcoming]Mushroom Project – Analog City [Horn Wax forthcoming]Kalidasa – Induction Tusk Wax forthcoming]Causa & Tusk – Confide [Disco Bloodbath forthcoming]Iron Blu – Oiche Shamhna [Rothmans forthcoming]Pixelife – Filament [Horn Wax forthcoming]Affie Yusuf – Wardrum Acid [Horn Wax forthcoming] Ruf Dug – Sorta Rican [Porn Wax forthcoming]

If you want to find out more about Tusk releases get yourself over to the Tusk shop where you will find many of the tracks in the mix (soon).

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