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Test Pressing


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If you listen to this recording in its entirety then it becomes a prayer, a sacrament, a morning chant for order and accord, the harmony of its title, providing an escape from this world, the way a relaxation tape would hope to. The way a salt water float eventually does.

Transporting you into Nature. A moment camouflaged, in a forest wet with rain. Senses stretching with the green easing off the dew. An insect awareness. Free to run with deer. To run with the hunted.

“Domino” and “La Era” are breathing exercises. Neu`s Motorik gently reprised. Dominick Von Senger slipped inside Roky Erickson`s house, eased his hurt, shared his third eye vision. Microtones and tribal drums. A practice of ancients.

To think that Crowley was branded a devil, in part, for pursuing Transcendental Mediation, now that Yoga is a day-glo Lycra alternative to the Spin Class. It is a sacred thing, a holy thing, this communion with the infinite outside your skin. A flower opening. Not a target BMI.

“Sol Lucet Omnibus” plays and an empty grey city at dawn cuts the verdant hallucination. You are the last wo / man alive, with Iggy`s swagger, Curtis` resolve. Exit stage left. Adieu und adios. Magick ringing in the air.

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