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Well all roads led to Leeds last weekend and a great weekend was had by all. Moon and Leo Mas massively came with the goods and played some great records in the bar, joining the dots between Mop Mop, The Doors and The Cure, and from there it was on to the after party where Leo tore it up for a few hours delivering lots we knew and some we didn’t but playing them all in a way that made sense. Top top party DJ and you can listen to the mixes here on the Joe’s Bakery website.

Other than that there are a whole host of great things going on so I am just going to run the flyers and let you dig in as and where. There’s Northern Soul in London (following that great ‘Keeping The Faith’ documentary from Paul Mason for the BBC’s Culture Show), Cosmic Disco in Hong Kong with Baldelli, Man Power & Coyote in Glasgow, our little get together with me Apiento, Hampus NTS/Top Nice, Ollie and Will Bahamian Moor and Jiro from Ying Yangs (ours is a little bar in Shoreditch where you can get a pancake, grab a coffee or a beer and just have a hang out really). Then we have Field Work in South London with Andy Blake and Nonline with Gerd from Clone (not Running Back), Pitsburgh Track Authority’s London debut and more in Hackney.

Oh and while I have you, I am standing in for an hour with Andrew Hale from Sade on Sunday at NTS Radio (which is always worth clicking into as they have a ridiculously good roster right now) for a Test Pressing take over – 1pm – 2pm and then we are off to do Andrew’s Mi-Soul radio show in the evening as his normal partner in crime Ross Allen is away up a hill or something. Think that one is 10-12pm.

Get out and get involved. x.

(Edit: Rob / My kids have been playing pass the cold around this week, so I haven`t been on-line much, but I will be emerging from my hermetic hideaway and straight after tonight`s radio show I`ll be on a shinkansen and Harajuku and Bar Bonobo-bound for Lone Star`s 3rd anniversary, alongside Max Essa, Guy Bassett, Ken Hidaka and Gordy. I`ll be doing my best Leo Mas and Nancy Noise impressions early doors, at least sonically, although I have dyed my hair in an attempt to look more like the eternally youthful Balearic Beat pioneers.)




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