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Test Pressing

309 / Simple Symmetry

Sergey & Alexander, Simple Symmetry from Moscow, Russia, with P-Funk roots and “Incredible Adventures In Khazar Khaganate” on Glenview. Remixed by Lee Douglas & Lovefingers, The Stallions, and remixing Linda Mirada on Love Monk. With sessions on Redlight Radio, inspired by the musical melting pot of Bar Simachev, and a label called That`s A Steal on the way.

Beach Boys shreeks and twisted Folk climaxes. Nick Nicely nightmares and Marvin Gaye Moogs. The Suns Of Arqa and seven angels. The heavens set ablaze. Bobby Brown. The one with the “Hawaiian Home” not the one married to Whitney. Roky (Erickson)`s visions, Sky (Saxon)`s visions and mad prophetic winds. Obeah, Zazou Biyake and hypnosis through Hari Krishna finger cymbals.

Get those mushrooms dried and at the ready.

That`s A Steal, Incredible Adventures In Khazar Khaganate,Test Pressing, Mixes, Simple Symmetry, Sergey, Alexander, Russia, Moscow, Glenview, Stallions,


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